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Making a complaint

We hope you’ll never have to make a complaint. But if you do, we’ll do everything we can to fix things. Here’s how you can contact our customer services team.

By phone

150* – from your T-Mobile phone
0845 412 5000 from a non T-Mobile phone

* Charges to call us on 150 vary, see terms & conditions

If after calling us you feel that your complaint has not been properly dealt with, you can ask for it to be escalated to a Team Leader or Manager.

By letter

If your complaint is still unresolved, you can write to us at the following address:

Complaint Investigations
6 Camberwell Way
Tyne and Wear

If you decide to write to us by letter, don’t forget to include:

  1. Your name
  2. Your address
  3. Your T-Mobile account number and/or T-Mobile telephone number
  4. Details of your complaint
  5. Your resolution requirements
  6. A daytime contact telephone number

We’ll acknowledge receipt of your letter with a text message on the day we receive it.

Read our full Complaints Code of Practice.

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