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All the latest stuff that's been happening with our network

November 2012

WiFi on the London Underground

Thanks to a new partnership with Virgin Media, T-Mobile customers will soon be able to stay connected on the London Underground at no extra cost. Keep an eye out - we'll have more details soon.


HD Voice has

Smart signal sharing is complete

We're excited to announce that our brand-spanking-new high definition (HD) network is ready to roll. Forget frustrating, fuzzy calls - it's all crystal clear from here. So, if you and the person you're calling are T-Mobile or Orange customers with HD-ready phones and 3G signal, you can now make HD Voice calls. Sound-boosting and background noise-reducing, HD Voice calls make your mate sound like they're in the room, even if they're hundreds of miles away. What's more, you can make HD Voice calls using T-Mobile or Orange signal. So, whether you're in a bustling café or on a busy street, you need never miss a word.

MAY 2012

Businesses get behind 4G for Britain

We've started a new 4G trial in Cumbria

The new 4G Britain website has been attracting a lot of attention from the public and business communities. Just days after its launch, the website had received over 20,000 page views.

New official supporters of the site include Experian, Getty Images,, the New West End Company, Deezer and Velti. Plus, the #4GBritain conversation on Twitter has reached over four million people.


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