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Getting Started

First, you need to dial 222 from your handset in order to activate your voicemail service (for pay as you go phones, voicemail will be set up as soon as you make your first chargeable call).

Record your greeting

To record your personal greeting:

  • Call voicemail either by pressing the number one key on your phone, alternatively via the menu options
  • Listen to the announcement and select option 2 (To record a personal greeting)
  • Record your message

Setting your call diverts

Once you have recorded your greeting, you then need to set your call diverts. You can do this through the menu on your phone.

Simply select your make and model below and let our online phone manuals show you how.

Checking your messages

Via Your Mobile

An indicator envelope icon or reel to reel icon shows you've received a voicemail message. To pick up your messages:

  1. If your phone has a envelope icon or reel to reel icon button, press that
  2. Or press and hold the 1 key
  3. Or select 'voicemail' from your phone's menu.

Via other phone

This protects your voicemail and lets you pick up your messages from any touch-tone phone. Pay monthly customers can also use it to pick up messages from abroad:

  1. Call your T-Mobile number
  2. Interrupt your voicemail greeting by pressing #
  3. Enter your PIN number (not sure how to set-up a PIN, find out how)
  4. Listen to your messages

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