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Watch us unbox the Xperia X8 and see what it can do

CardioTrainer kit

All you need to get out there and get training. Your phone will do all the tracking and timing for you. The kit includes:

  • CardioTrainer app Like a personal trainer but without the shouting
  • Calorific app Gives the food you're eating a healthy rating

Instant Facebook™ upload

Upload photos to Facebook the minute you take them on the 3.2 megapixel camera, so you can show people what you're up to wherever you are. If you want to, that is.


Whatever you're doing, you'll find an Android app for it. Those clever Android users are always developing more apps – and most of them are free.

Apps include Angry Birds, Spotify, Tetris, The Weather Channel, Movies and Barcode Scanner.

Watch us unbox the Xperia™ X8
and see what it can do

*Please note that this phone no longer comes with a free armband

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Sony Ericsson Help & Support

Find out about software updates, check out the manual for your Sony Ericsson,
or use our diagnostic tool if you think you need to fix your phone.


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